Business Health Spending Accounts

MEBA’s Health Spending Account Program can be integrated into a wide variety of employee compensation / incentive / retention concepts for your firm. With an ASO ~ Administration Services Only funded plan, you take control to cut the fat out of your fully insured benefit plan.

Take control of your benefit plan;

  • Design your own benefit plan
  • No hidden fees
  • Reduced costs
  • No year end renewals

Health Spending Accounts are ideal for small to medium sized firms where the employer is interested in a cost effective yet totally flexible program for the employee. The employer simply sets the contribution level per employee / employee classification and MEBA handles the adjudication / payment of claims…while all plan administration is handled by MEBA.

A Health Spending Account works well as either a stand-along program or in conjunction with your existing traditional group benefit plan. MEBA will customize a benefit plan design that works right for you.

The MEBA Health Spending Account works like a special savings account where a pre determined amount of dollars is deposited into each employee’s account. The employee uses the money to have medical and dental care fees reimbursed that are not fully covered / covered under their group plan. To be eligible, all claims must be medically necessary and eligible for income tax credits as per the Income Tax Act.

The MEBA Health Spending Account provides funds to cover expenses such as;

  • Eligible expenses not covered under your current benefit program
  • Eligible expenses in excess of the current plan limits / maximums imposed
  • Co insurance and deductibles charged by your current plan

Who benefits from the MEBA Health Spending Account program? …everyone!

For the Employer;

  • Cost control…the amount contributed to the H.S.A. is defined and as such, is inflation proof. You decide how much H.S.A. dollars your employees will be given. This gives you control on knowing ahead of time how much the program will cost the company. All of this allows you to maximize the money invested in your group benefits program.
  • Tax deductible…all contributions to the H.S.A. including administration expenses, are tax deductible.
  • An excellent way to attract and retain staff
  • 48 hours claims adjudication / cheque process time from time of receipt
  • Monthly cash balance reports
  • Allocated funds can be topped up for specific employees
  • Eligibility and waiting periods can mirror your existing benefit plan OR be altered to meet your specific needs.

For the Employee;

  • A very attractive Flex Benefits Plan
  • Employees have more awareness and control over their benefits
  • H.S.A. funds are considered a non-taxable income
  • Employees have the option of claiming for expenses that might not otherwise be covered under their regular health / dental plan.
  • Claims processing is usually 48 hours turn around time. Employees receive one cheque and one Explanation of Benefits statement mailed directly to their home mailing address.
If you would like more information on our Business Health Spending Account Programs, please contact MEBA for a no obligation quotation for your firm.