Firefighter Incentive Program

Health & Wellness Incentive Program

Health Care Spending Account

Controlled Cost…

The amount of benefit credited to a Firefighter is based upon a formula established by each Fire Chief.  The formula can and will vary from Fire Hall to Fire Hall.  In each case the Fire Chief establishes the rules for participation.  The formula establishes Service Credits based upon activity.  Unlike standard Health and Dental plans, the MEBAflex plan provides fixed year after year known costs.  Your plan is not affected by health inflation or increased fee guides.


Unlike standard insurance company Health and Dental programs that require employees to be actively at work on a full-time basis, the MEBAflex plan has no such requirements.  Every Firefighter can participate.  Requirements for a service benefit are determined by the service rules set by each Chief.

 Example of plan rules…

A Firefighter to be eligible for benefits must:

  • Attend % of all training sessions (you set %)
  • Have a minimum % of call response (you set %)
  • After 5 years of continuous service the Fire Fighter will receive a Service Credit of $500 to be used in the next 12 months
  • The Service Credit will be awarded each year and increased by $100 for each additional year of continuous service beyond 5 years up to a maximum of 15 continuous years providing a maximum annual $1,500 Service Credit.

Flexible…The above plan is only an illustration.  Plan rules for Service Credits are established by each Chief to meet the requirements of his/her volunteer member group.

 Benefits provided…

The MEBAflex member Firefighter may use service credits for Health and Dental expenses allowable under the Income Tax Act.  For Firefighters who already have a group health and dental program, the MEBAflex Service Credits may be used to “top-up” his/her employee group insurance plan.  The plan may also include Out of Canada Emergency Medical Benefits on an individual or family basis.