Third Party Administration Services

The more benefits you offer, the more complicated the administration of those benefits will become. Are you using two or more benefit providers, and getting frustrated with multiple monthly invoices and reporting procedures? The dilemma becomes if you should continue to handle your own benefits administration or should you hire someone else to do it?

You must ask yourself;

  • How involved in the administration process do I or my Human Resources / Payroll Department should be in?
  • Can I afford to purchase the software or hardware required to manage the process myself?
  • Will self administration take too much of my or other employee’s time?

The great temptation as a business owner, financial or human resources manager will be to handle the administration of your benefits yourself. The road to frustration is lined with business people who have convinced themselves that they could handle their own administration.

Unless the plan you buy or the purchasing alliance you are part of, takes care of the administration themselves, there are only a few options that will allow you to offer benefits without having to hire a full-time employee to administer them: hire a contract employee OR outsourcing the administration services to MEBA.

In some situations when the employee population exceeds 25 lives, we will recommend using our TPA services. It gives us the opportunity to use MEBA’s generic enrollment forms and the MEBA billing system in lieu of the insurer(s). It allows us to migrate multiple insurers on one billing statement, and the use of MEBA generic enrollment cards allows us to plug in different insurers with one original employee enrollment process.

If you would like more information on our TPA services and our TPA fees to service your account, please contact MEBA for a no obligation quotation for your firm.